“Marty The Mutant” Longboards

Published on December 20, 2012, by in Fresh Goods.

We finally got em. New “Marty The Mutant” longboard line for a sweet price for a performance longboard deck.

1/2″ of drop, sym shaped, twin kick, drop through goodness. Sharp edges and pockets to lock you in when you’re doin what you’re doin. These are also our first longboard suitable and stiff enough for downhill speedboarding.

So we got two different lengths, and two shapes in each length.

The first being the 40″ “Forty Ouncer”. The first shape is a Tapered 10″ wide, the second being a 9.5″ straight shape. Both having slight kicks, twin shape, and a 31.5″ wheelbase.

The second being the 38″ “38 speshul”. The first shape is a tapered 9.5″ wide, the second being a 9″ straight shape. Both having bigger kicks, twin shape, and a 28.5″ wheelbase.

We got em in tons of different flavors as well. Some dipped full color, and some stained. At 62 buckaroos, you can’t go wrong.

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