Pinche Oil

House-made lube.

Seven Dolla

Ancient Chinese secret formula.

Only available at Skate City Supply.

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  1. Jeremy

    So I’ve used teflon based lubricants on bearings before and they tend to gunk up the bearings. I use PTFE fittings at work and I don’t see how it will be any different than teflon. Rebuttal?

    • Radmin

      This is a totally different oil base, and it’s actually three parts. Can’t tell you what the 3 parts are, because the boss will shiv me if I give out his secret. So the teflon is suspended on the three parts which: a. seep into the bearing b. allow the lubricant to be spread c. dry and create nicely lubed a bearing without getting gunked up.

  2. Jacob

    Do you guys happen to carry any bearing cleaning kits?

  3. Tom Miller

    Hi, last time I was New Mexico years ago I bought your teflon Lube. It was a little brown bottle with a squeeze dropper that said:
    PTFE Lubricant
    Cedar Crest, NM
    It worked great on my bearings! Is your Pinche Oil the same mix?

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