Skate City Supply is the state’s oldest skate shop, having opened as Skateboard City on Morningside in Nob Hill in 1976. Later in the ‘70s, the shop expanded into sneaker roller skates.

At that time, we custom assembled all roller skates, featuring the soft urethane wheels that had revolutionized skateboarding. Still at the forefront, Skate City was the first store in New Mexico to carry in-line skates, pioneering as one of Rollerblade’s earliest accounts. We made history again as the first to carry Burton snowboards in New Mexico, helping to convince then-resistant ski areas it was time to let snowboarders enjoy the slopes, too.

Now well into our third decade of continuous operation, Skate City Supply is 100 percent locally owned. We have a full repair shop and stock many hard-to-find parts and items.

Our main focus is on our own line of skateboards and apparel, adding to the already large selection we carry of shoes, snow and skate gear, roller skates and our famously large selection of skateboards, longboards and snowboards.



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  1. Steve tearin it up

    Where can I rent, borrow or steal a couple of boards for a day? Is there such a thing as rentastik?

  2. Israel Chavez

    Do you guys do custom printing on boards? Asking because I have a clothing brand and want some boards done.

  3. Barbara

    Hi! I was wondering what brands of roller skates you guys carry?

  4. Tyvyn wilfon

    Do you sell any scooters?

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