• Skateboards: Anti-Hero, Real, Krooked, Girl, Chocolate, Toy Machine, Foundation, Darkstar, Blind, Almost, Enjoi, Creature, Powell, Santa Cruz, Flip, Zero, Independent, Thunder, Venture, Bones, Spitfire….. You get the idea..
  • Longboards: Sector 9, Madrid, Loaded, Land Yachtz, Gravity, Rayne, Comet, Venom, Cadillac, Paris, Divine, etc..
  • Snowboards: Your home for Mervyn Manufacturing! That means the latest and greatest from LibTech and Gnu decks.  Also, Drake and Flow bindings and the best deals for rentals and waxing/full tunes in town.
  • Rollerskates: We are THE Riedell dealer as well as your one-stop-shop for everything derby: skates, wheels (indoor, outdoor, art, speed, etc.), toe stops, toe guards, apparel, pads and more!
  • Apparel
  • Ice Skates
  • Skate Shoes
  • Scooters
  • Motorized Scooters
  • Mountain Boards
  • Safety gear
  • Repair for skateboards, roller luggage, snowboards


265 Responses

  1. Brie

    I wanna a skate boared but im a girl and most of the skate boards you have are for boys if you have any products for gils you should post up some pictures.

  2. Estevan

    Do you have any Penny Nickel Skateboards?

  3. Clara

    Would you happen to maybe be looking to hire anybody? I would love to work here.

  4. Jason

    Do you guys sell Caliber 44 Cal, and 83a venom bushings and how much for the calibers and bushings?

  5. Simon

    Have yous got wax?

  6. Jeremy

    Do you guys sell blank decks?

  7. Chris

    Any kick scooters, or do you know where i could get one that supports 180 lbs, im 17 and want a kick, but walmarts and targets have kidie ones that hold like 110. Thanks for any feed back.

  8. Anthony

    Do you guys carry Royal trucks. If not, what trucks do you guys carry?

  9. Dan

    I was in the shop a few days ago and met this guy who was really cool. Helped me choose a deck, trucks, wheels, he even applied the grip tape for me. Only problem was that I forgot to ask him his name. What was his name? He had glasses on and they has tape on in the middle. Thanks.

  10. Ryan

    Do you have G-form knee pads available?

  11. Nicky

    I’m interested in roller derby but I’m not sure what skates would be good starters. Could you help me if I stopped by?

  12. WolfGirl

    What size board do you recommend for a beginner 12 year old GIRL with 8.5″ long feet? 7.5? 31″

  13. Sylvie

    Do you guys carry bushings or pivot cups? And if so, what brands?

  14. Mat

    Do you guys have DVS shoes?(specifically DVS inmate)

  15. Carlos

    Do you guys have the Hosoi Rising Sun cruiser deck?

  16. Arnold

    By any chance do you guy’s sell Arbor longboards?

  17. John Mendez

    Do you have any wheels for Aggressive skates? like Eulogy wheels?

    • Radmin

      We do carry Euology wheels. We got some other brands, but those seem to be the wheels most people buy from us.

  18. Radmin

    Possibly, you would have to come in and show us the truck co.

  19. pat


    …so glad you guy are here in ABQ.
    I have pair of k2 inline skates.
    The ‘button’ that holds the plastic heel to the boot broke so the skate is wobbl.
    Can you guys fix that?
    Also can you fix me up and install new set of wheels?
    Thanks very much

    • Radmin

      We would have to check it out. I’m pretty confident we could fix that. And yes, we can install a new set of wheels for you.

  20. Jeff

    SKATECITY Trucks…

    Hi I am likeing the Skate City 325 Trucks they are just like the slalom Pro trucks from the 80’s I used to Quad skate on !!!

    The problem i have is the pivot on these re makes are not NOS and are too fat for my Quad Plates! Would it be possible to make these with the old style hole thinner pivot???

    There is a big hole in the market and the only wide trucks you can get are ACS 651’s and they are slightly too wide!

    Please can you let me know by Email!!! thanks in advance from Jeff.

  21. Alex Burd

    Do you guys carry 70mm Sector 9 Butterballs?


    Do you guys sell wax??

  23. David Verduin

    I’ve got a few old school boards I’m trying to outfit with some new parts…do you carry Independent or Tracker trucks, Tunnel or Sims wheels, 1/2″ soft risers and tail bones? Thanks!

  24. Luann

    Do you carry anchor free ride wheels

  25. Bobby

    Do you have longboards under $80.00? And if so what brands?

    • Radmin

      We have a couple decks that are under that. Finding a complete for less than 80 is pretty difficult. The brands we have are Sector 9, Landyachtz, Bombsquad, Comet, Santa Cruz, Rayne, and sometimes other brands.

  26. Cas

    Do u have any district scooter pegs? If so how many?

  27. Cas

    I have a lucky metel core scooter wheel. And I got some bearings from my razor wheel. They fit in the razor wheel, but I have to hammer them into the lucky wheel is this normal?
    Lucky is 110 mm and razor is 100 mm.

  28. tyson

    hey i was wondering if you guys have any scooters like mad gear pro or lucky scooters im trying to get into scootering.

  29. Jason

    Do you guys have any longboard decks that are under $140?

  30. Jason

    What brands of helmets and knee pads do you guys have, and for how much?

  31. Sam

    Do you have any fasen brendon smith sig bars and if how much

  32. Dominic

    Do you sell surf stuff?

  33. Deven

    How much are your basic skate tools?

  34. Ani

    2 questions. do you have the ghost tree sector 9 longboard. and what are your hours

    • Radmin

      We do not have the ghost tree, we do carry tons of Sector 9 boards, and we are open from 11-6 Mon-Sat and 12-4 on Sunday.

  35. Anya

    Do you guys carry the original skateboard brand

  36. mac

    I’m looking for scooter griptape got any?

  37. Etienne Louis

    Hello i was wondering if you guys have aggressive inline skates and if you do what brands do you have?

  38. Trey

    Do you have any good quality longboards for under 90$… If you do… Great

    • Radmin

      Complete no. Finding any quality complete longboard for under 140 is not gonna happen. Longboard decks, yes we have some for under 90.

  39. anders

    Do you sell quality cruisers with a kicktail around 33″ or smaller if so what kinds?

  40. Ryan

    Do you carry skate city 225 trucks?

  41. mat

    do you guys have any skate and destroy beanies and if so how much

  42. Denizmbm

    Can you guys switch the wheels on my skates?

  43. Criss

    How much are blank decks?

  44. grayden

    do you have krooked decks

  45. Jake

    Do you guys sell penny boards?

    • Radmin

      We don not sell plastic boards, but we have wooden mini shapes that are similar.They stopped making vinyl boards because they are easy to break, and wood is a better and stronger option.

  46. Daniel

    Do you by any chance carry Freeride longboards.

  47. Adam

    what crooked boards do you guys carry at the moment?

  48. Austin

    Do you carry the Landyachtz Drop Hammer longboard? I would prefer the 2013 but the 2014 would work as well.

  49. Tim

    Do you guys have churchill wheels? Also what color 7os flashbacks do you carry?

    You guys should also start carrying Omen

  50. Tim

    What kind of divine wheels do you guys sell?

    • Radmin

      The stock depends. You might wanna give a call before you come in. Also, if you did want a specific wheel we could special order it for you, and you wouldn’t have to pay shipping.

  51. Justice

    whats the lowest price you have on your shoes for sale .? particularly Emericas…

  52. Nick

    do you guys have any sector 9 faultline [green]

  53. Nick

    do you currently carry any sector 9 peru bamboo

    • Radmin

      I don’t have that specific model as it was replaced by another model for 2015. Pretty much the same board just a different graphic, and we have it stock.

  54. Luca

    Hi! I need to replace the bushings on my SkateCity 225 trucks (small trucks).
    Do you know which bushings will fit correctly?

  55. Kylie

    Do u have any longboards for girls?

  56. Spencer

    a little more curious about your longboard selection, you cut off brands you carry with etc. If you could get me a longer list of it all that would be great. Thanks!

    • Radmin

      We carry Landyachtz, Loaded, Rayne, Sector 9, Arbor, Riviera, 5 Mile, Comet, Gravity, No Future, and our house brand double drop style boards: Marty The Mutant.

  57. dean

    how much is your cheapest skateboard for a 15 year old

  58. Edgar

    How much is the lowest price you guys got on longboard weels size 70 and up

  59. darren

    Do you guys have any baker wheels in 50mm in red, and another for blue, also do you guys have blue trucks and grip tape with a black board(trying to crate a custom board) and last do you sell and emblem stickers? I would appreciate it

    • Radmin

      I do not have Baker wheels in 50mm right now, but I can always order some. As fro everything else, yes we have all of that. I’m not sure what you mean by “emblem stickers” though. What do you mean by that?

  60. Andrew

    How much are drop through decks? They also need to fit my gullwing charger trucks. Thanks!

    • Radmin

      Our drop through decks can range from 65 to 180 dollars. Just depends on what you get. I’m sure that most of them will fit Gullwing Chargers as long as they are 10″ wide.

  61. Dustin

    Do you guys carry the MBS Atom 95x (blue) and if so is it 199.99 (or possibly cheaper)

  62. Mark

    What are the prices of your skateboards

    • Radmin

      Blanks are 26, shop decks are 29-33 dollars, and most pro decks are normally around 50 bucks with the exception of the higher end models that have composite materials. Those are normally 60 and up.

  63. Trey

    I was going to buy a deck w/griptape for my son online and someone told me to check you guys out. How much for a blank deck with griptape?

  64. Ryan

    I am wondering if the Skate City 225 trucks can be ordered online or some other way?

  65. Hunter

    Do you have any mpg scooter decks

  66. what days are you open because i want to see all of the decks and while i am talking about decks what sizes do you have and do you carry skater trainers i want to get better with some tricks. 🙂

  67. Ezra

    Do you guys carry ‘flow-board’ trucks? more to the point, do you guys have anything like the flowlab flow-boards?

  68. Eric

    How much are your blanks and shop decks? Also do you have any decks on sale right now?

    • Radmin

      Blanks are 26, shop decks are 29, and we always have some decks on sale. Gotta come check ’em out in person to see what we have on sale.

  69. jon

    Lookin for a complete for a beginner 11 years old what price am I looking at?

  70. Jade

    Do you have sliding gloves? And if so, what’s the price range on what you have?

  71. Guilherme

    You don’t have any Hockey equipment, do you? Inline Roller Skates?

    Thanks. 🙂

  72. Leon Marrufo

    Do you guys still have any 8″ “Santa Muerte” decks and for how much? Also any 8″ Independent Trucks?

  73. Caitlyn

    Do you have 17 inch locker boards?

  74. Rickey Sullivar

    Are there any cruisers or long boards for beginners under $120?

  75. What brand of helmets do you have? Also can you price give me the price of the bullet wrist guards and elbow pads please? Thank you!

  76. Manny

    How much would it be to buy a complete scooter

  77. Manny

    How much are your mgp complete scooters

  78. stallionduck

    do you guys have any skateboards with anime decorating?

  79. CJ

    By chance would there happen to be any Atom Longboards? Looking to get myself a 40″ or 41″ Drop-through, so I thought I’d see if I can find one that I can grab here in town before I turn to ordering one in off the net.

    • Radmin

      We don’t carry Atom boards. We only carry brands that further skateboarding as a whole. Atom is not one of those.

  80. kat

    I’ve got a 9yo daughter who just got a skateboard for her birthday and wants to learn. I cannot find a reputable way to search for an instructor. Any recommendations?

  81. Devin O'Donoghue

    Do yous have any blank white 8″ decks for 50 ish

  82. Benny

    Hi, what’s your lowest price on a complete profile skateboard, 7.5


  83. Manuel

    What is your cheapest pro scooter

  84. Talon

    I’m trying to get just a blank 8″ deck. How much money would I be looking at?

  85. Siara Swain

    Hey, my mom is getting me a long board today and I was wondering, do you have any for girls?

  86. Talon

    Do you guys carry bushings for trucks?

  87. Clore

    Do you have any reds and diamonds and if you do what type?

  88. Dude

    How much for a good long board deck because I have a size 12 foot?

  89. Rolando Arteaga

    Do u guys sale skate line wheels? I need to replace mines. Please let me know..! Thank u…!

  90. Charlie

    Hi what is the lowest price (€) for a complete board. For an eleven year old?

  91. Bishop baca

    Hey do u have box bikes

  92. Bishop baca

    Hey do u have bmx bikes

  93. Alex Bingham

    I know this is probably a stupid question hence the name ” skate city supply” but I was wondering if you guys sell some scooters?

  94. Sam

    I was just curious to know if you guys have grip tape that would cover and 10.25 Hosoi Hammerhead. It’s coming in today and i completely spaced out grip.

  95. Adam

    Do you guys sell twin tip drop through decks, If so how much?

  96. Adam

    And do you have sector 9 striker decks?

  97. Fastycat

    Hi do you regroove wheels and mount plates for rollerskates?

  98. KHYUN

    Do you have a set of 225 skatecity trucks?
    It is really pain in the xxx to find retro style trucks…

    If you dont have 225, please any recommends?
    I’m considering quad roller trucks with penny base plates,
    but I’m not sure they fit well…

    • Radmin

      We do not unfortunately. Those trucks have been harder and harder to find.

      Some quad hangars would work, but you might have to retro fit a pivot cup to fit though.

  99. W O K E

    how much is your cheapest set of 50mm wheels and your cheapest set of bearings?

  100. Maximillian Silvestre

    Do you guys have scooters that can carry 180lb because my boy is big and is 5,7 and wants to get into scooters

  101. Dylan Arbuckle

    What’s up dudes? Hey do you guys have any caballero decks, and/or any other of Steve’s merch? Thanks

  102. Daniel

    Do you guys sell blank dropped longboard decks? I’m looking to setup a downhill board from parts I have lying around but I need a new deck. If so, what price range am I looking at?

  103. Katie

    HI, I was wonder how much do you range skateboard to longboard from lowest to high price and by their size length?

    • Radmin

      The price ranges can be anywhere from $80 to $400 depending on the components. and the sizing can be anywhere from 29″ to 60″ depending on the board selected.

  104. Mason

    I am a beginner at skateboarding and want a board that is not too expensive but will work well. Do you have any suggestions?

  105. Loran

    My longer board is conpletely done I just need stickers you have those right

  106. Brandon Peckumn

    Do y’all have neck guards for Ice Hockey

  107. Dom

    Do you guys have deck rails and tail guards and do u guys still have the welcome decks

  108. Caitlin Greenfield

    Well, ya’ll say you got Ice Skates. Do you have Riedell’s or Jackson’s? can you sharpen them too?

  109. Michael

    Hello i am a beginner thinking of coming by tomorrow and wanted to get a really nice complete, i have about 255, would that be enough for a skateboard,

  110. Logan

    Hi i was wondering how much an electric skateboard is

  111. Jamie

    How much is a deck. Does it depend on the brand? Also what is the cheapest but still high quality

  112. Ashe

    I have saved about 140 bucks, do you think that’s enough to buy a full setup. I would love to upgrade my 17-year-old skateboard (hand me down) to something new and FrEsH.I’ve been skating for about 2 weeks trying to learn tricks but have been using my board to get to school for a while even though the bearings suck. Do you guys have any Santa Cruz decks I really like the look of those, it would be great if they where 8.0 🙂

  113. Samson

    Can you take off and put new grip tape on

  114. Blaine

    hey do you guys carry vans in stock

  115. Jack

    Hey I want to buy a set, but rly don’t have any idea what I am doing. Can you guys put it together for me at the shop? and how much would it cost for a nice deck, trucks, wheels, bearings, all of it. Thank you!

    • Radmin

      We can definitely set it up for you at no charge. To make a complete skateboard it can range anywhere from 120 and up depending on what you get. We also have pre-made completes from 82 and up!

  116. Matt

    Do you guys carry any Powell peralta signature boards like Tommy Guerrero’s, tony hawk’s, Rodney Mullen’s, or mike mcgill’s?

  117. Jake

    Do you guys have any Nike Sb shoes? More specifically the dunks.

  118. Steff

    I will be skating at the Civic Plaza.
    Do you have adult rollerskates for sale?

  119. Mark

    Do you guys carry nose rails for old school boards.

  120. John

    Do you still have that white vision Mark Gonzalez in the 2nd to last and last pictures?

  121. alexandria lujan

    i have a skateboard and i am planning to use it more. this is embarrassing but it is from walmart and i cant afford a whole new deck, i want to put a new grip on it but i cant afford to mess it up, can you take the grip on it off, and put the other one on? if you can, how much will it be

  122. Elijah

    hi do you guys teach skateboarding because i am having a hard time learning tricks thanks

  123. JC

    I’m looking into getting one of your pre made completes for around $80-$100. Maybe size 8 or 8.5, still trying to decide. What kind of components do they come with around that price range?

  124. Deb W.

    I’m interested in a snowboard for my son (5′ 11″, ~120 lbs.), second year snowboarding…. Do you have a good selection in stock? And what’s the price range (including bindings)? Do you also sell boots? Thanks for any relevant info!

    • Radmin

      I may have something his size, but our selection is quite limited this time into the season, but come by and we’ll help as good as we can!

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