Fo’ Sale

Here are some things that we are willing to sell online. Some stuff is gonna be nicely priced as well.

    • Skate City “Hey Pendejo!” stickers. $1 dollars plus postage (or send a self addressed stamped envelope).
    • Sweet sticker with Mexican dirty words. 4″ in Diameter.
      Buy 5 get free shipping!

    • Skate City “Hey Pendejo!” Mug. $ 12 dollars plus shipping.
    • Skate City Supply mug. Awesome mug for whatever you may be drinking at the time.

    • Sabotage Knee Pads. $15 Dollars plus shipping
    • Super gnarly knee pads that can probably take falls from a second story building.

      For ordering just call 505-294-6699. We can take your order over the phone (until we have the means to throw a shopping cart up).

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