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  1. do you guys have any roller derby gear and roller skates?

  2. Megan

    I’m a skater with Duke City Derby and I’m wondering if you have sugar wheels like this:

  3. sandy

    do you sell outdoor quad skates?

  4. Ty

    Do you have the Landyachtz 2013 Tomahawk?

  5. Gabe Gonzalez

    Hey I was wondering if you guys sold Freebords? And if you have any expierence on them, are there plenty of good hills around the city or not many?

    • Radmin

      We do sell freebords, and fro I understand there are a good amount of places around here to do that.

  6. Dylan

    Hi just want to now do u have any spitfire wheels and how much are they

  7. Gabriel

    do you guys happen to have a motor scooter in stock ??

  8. Vernon

    Do you guys sell pro scooter wheels and for how much

  9. Isaac

    Do you have landyachtz switchblade and 9two5? How much for the deck of each? And do u allow people to come in and stand on one to get a quick feel?

  10. Sonny

    how much is the Reds bearings and the speed cream together?

  11. ns2hplayer

    im looking for a twintip 157(or around) whatever(best priced) snowboard. whats the price range for what you have for older models you might be trying to get rid of?

  12. Sonny

    do you have any blank boards for sell?

  13. Joseph

    Do you guys have any Landyachtz ripple ridge completes and if so how much would they be?

    • Radmin

      We don;t usually have them in stock but I can always special order you one. You could also do a custom setup with the tons of components in shop.

  14. loren

    Do u guys have blank decks and for how much

  15. sam

    do you guys have eny skate and distroy beanies

  16. IDo you guys sponsor?
    If so do you guys have a certain way of doing sponsorships?

  17. are you open on weekends

  18. do you sell bones swiss bearings, and what price?

  19. Josh garcia

    What is your cheapest but for a good deal complete longboards. Any style.

    • Radmin

      Probably around 150. Definitely don’t wanna skimp on skate stuff. The lower the quality, the higher chance of equipment malfunction. Equipment malfunction usually means something will break.

  20. Williams

    What are the best wheels for street and park for a longboard? I am looking for the best ride.

    • Radmin

      There is no best wheel for anything. It’s mostly preference. With that said most people at the shop are either on Bones STFs or Spitfire Formula 4s. Our favs.

  21. Cortez

    Do you guys sell shoe goo? If you do, how much are they?

  22. Yvonne

    Do you have any good long boards for beginners that are about 75$?

    • Radmin

      It would be very difficult to find a good quality longboard for that cheap. The cheapest we might have are around 130. If you start dipping below that you lose out quality, and most of the time get cheap stuff that doesn’t last all that long.

  23. James

    I’m looking for a skateboard for my 12 yr old son. He’s not that tall and weighs about 80 lbs. He’s fairly new to skateboarding so I’m looking for something that’s good for a beginner. Any recommendations?

  24. Michel McQueen

    Hi Do you have any longboard blanks? What price range?

  25. do you guys carry revive boards or any aaron kyro pro models?

  26. Mike

    Do you have k2 inline skates?

    • Radmin

      We do we do. The models in-store depend on the season, but we do special orders on all models, and we absorb the shipping costs for ya!

  27. corey kristensen

    what kind of land yachts do you carry

  28. Ray

    Do you guys still have any skate city 335 or 445 trucks? how much are they? Thanks

  29. bishop

    hey do u guys have bushing for body glove long boards i need to know so i can come by later

  30. Ian

    How much would a complete skateboard be for a beginner set up?

  31. Ian

    Do you guys have any complete skateboards for beginners around $70?

  32. daniel

    do you guys sell thrasher hoodies? if so how much? can you do €50?

  33. daniel

    do you sell thrasher hoodies? if so how much?

  34. Cari Lemme

    Geez, does anybody just stop by any more and visit in person?? Everybody busy busy…..totally not why I’m writing, tho. I couldn’t remember your place name but knew you guys were still there on Eubank so I told my handy lives-up-your-a## Google app to find me skate shops near me-thinking that would turn you right up since I’m by Candelaria and Morris–and to my shock and dismay y’all weren’t any where on that whole list! I have limited occasion to consult a skate shop, but, whenever I’ve had occasion in the past, you have been more than helpful and have fixed, resolved, advised or hooked me up with the solution I needed to go on my merry way so not seeing your name in that search is kinda pissin’ me off and I just had to let you know. Now, if you have some objection to being there in the results, that’s your prerogative of course, but if you’d like to show up in that search, I’m sure there’s a form, setting, registration, sacrifice or something to fix it. ‘Just thought you should know:)

  35. Coby

    Do you guys have kegel orangatang wheels

  36. Do you Guys Carry Scooter Headsets? If so what is the cheapest one?

  37. Lizking

    How much for cheapest pair of bushings

  38. Gavin

    Can you tell me how much a scooter would be to support a 125 lbs person and how much it would be.

  39. Maximillian Silvestre

    I was wondering do you guys have any complete lucky or envy scooter

  40. Michael Roy Sanchez

    You guys have any shortys shirts?

  41. Daniel

    How much is are normal white street wheels? The brand doesn’t matter.

  42. Anthony

    Do you guys have a tilt tomahawk fork or affinity t bars fpr a scooter

  43. Stephanie

    I’m looking for a pair of older skates that are discontinued.

    Do you guys have any of the moxi x hello kitty in a size 9?

  44. Evan Tallerday

    Do you guys build BMX bikes by any chance and what would be the price to build one

  45. Audrey

    Do u carry moxi skates ? Also do you sell plates for roller skates separate?

  46. Goatoftheshire

    hey what is one of your cheapest decks?

  47. caden gates

    do you guys have any down hill gloves? if so how much?

  48. angel

    what is the price range for women’s snowboards?

  49. Josh

    I usto skateboard when I was younger and looking to get back into it but I’m dead broke due to circumstances, y’all got any decent completes your looking to get rid of?

    • Radmin

      We don’t have any on hand to give away, but every once and awhile we have beat up old decks, but not super often. We do have completes starting at $82.

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